Engraving & Mastering

Vinyl Engraving

Atlantis Studios offers in-studio vinyl cutting for single, EP’s, mini-LP’s, LP and LP/maxi singles. Dub plates, which are often desired by DJs, are also a possibility in limited editions.

We can transfer for vinyl cutting from tape, DAT, cassette tapes, CD, etc, and we are also equipped to do tape restoration.


  •    Neumann VMS-66 Lathe
  •    Universal Audio Model 500-A Passive equlizer
  •    Haeco Master Control Passive EQ
  •    Universal Audio Limiting Amplifier 177 limiter
  •    Neve 33609
  •    Ortofon de-esser
  •    Maselec Model 2012 limiter
  •    Studer A807
  •    Studer B67